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Garage Drop Off and Curbside Delivery:

Cost Information: Free for deliveries within 10 miles of a Quality Appliance location on appliances over $399. Any delivery between 10–25 miles from a store location, or is under $399, includes a $25 mileage surcharge. If appliance is both under $399, and delivery is located within 10-25 miles away, then the total cost would be $50. Quality Appliance does not offer delivery outside of 25 miles at this time.

Includes: Appliances will be uncrated and placed in either a garage, or curbside, depending on customer preference and accessibility for delivery crew. If an appliance is to be recycled upon drop off, the unit to be recycled must be out of the home and accessible for pick up.

Does Not Include: Our delivery staff will not bring an appliance in home or through a doorway with this service. It does not include any materials that are not supplied with the appliance itself, or unpacking of the shipping materials that will be on the body of the appliance or the interior.

Delivery and In-Home Placement:

Cost Information: This service has a cost of $75 for a purchase of a single appliance, if someone is to purchase multiple, each additional appliance would have a cost of $25. Any delivery between 10 – 25 miles from a store location includes a $25 mileage surcharge. Quality Appliance does not offer delivery outside of 25 miles at this time.

Includes: Appliances will be uncrated and placed in home in the appropriate location. If an existing appliance is to be recycled upon the delivery, the existing unit must be disconnected from its connections and ready for pick up at time of delivery. With this service we will remove doors off of a refrigerator if we need to, to both deliver the new appliance as well as extract an old one.

Does Not Include: The in-home placement does not include connecting an appliance to home connections, nor does it include unpacking the appliance from its shipping materials. If recycling is paid for, existing appliance must be completely disconnected. Example: refrigerator waterline disconnected, or gas disconnected from gas appliance. No materials are included in this service that are not included on the appliance itself.

Delivery & Installation

Cost Information: This service has a cost that varies by appliance type. For installation of more than one appliance, rates will be discounted by $50 for each installation service added to the shopping cart.

Includes: Appliances will be test ran, unpacked, and installed to existing openings, electrical, and plumbing in a home. In 95% of our installations, added materials that are needed such as a dryer cord, are included in our delivery fees. If recycling is paid for, our delivery crew will also disconnect the existing appliance and remove it. If we need to remove basic fixtures off of a home, or doors off of a refrigerator to get one in or out, we will do it. Our delivery staff will also give basic operational instruction upon install, to help assist in getting started with a new appliance."

Does Not Include: We are not plumbers, electricians, nor are we a heating and air company. So we cannot adjust anything in a home that pertains to these things. Common examples being we cannot set up a gas range, where gas connections do not already exist, we cannot modify outlets or convert them to different voltage, nor can we create a space for dryer venting, if that venting is not already there. Our delivery staff are also not service technicians, so while in home they cannot also assist in repairing an appliance.


  • -Gas range has installation cost of $130.

    Total cost is $130.

  • -Gas range & dishwasher installed on same visit:

    $130 (gas range installation fee) + $175 (dishwasher installation fee) = $305.

    -$50 for discounted rate of second appliance = $255 grand total.