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Extended Warranty Information

At Quality Appliance of Faribault, we offer exclusive extended warranty services on appliances purchased through our business. This service is managed in-house, meaning for the customer, no 1-800 numbers are needed to be called for dispatch, just our local phone number.

What Is The Cost?The costs will vary based upon the price of the appliance itself.

Our prices for services will be based on 3 different price tiers:

Appliances priced from $0 - $1499 will have warranty prices ranging from $99 up to $199 depending on the duration of the warranty.

Appliances priced from $1500 - $2999 will have warranty prices ranging from $129 up to $299 depending on the duration of the warranty.

Our Appliances priced from $3000 - $5000 will have warranty prices ranging from $199 up to $399 depending on the duration of the warranty.

These Services Include:The primary benefit of the extended warranty service, is to further extend the mirrored benefits of a manufacturer's warranty, meaning:

All parts covered by the manufacturer under its standard 1-year warranty continue to be covered for the duration of the extended warranty period, which includes the service charge, parts, and the labor as well.

On top of extending the manufacturers warranty, there are other additional benefits included in the warranty service, both in the first year and through the duration of the warranty plan, they are:

  1. Service call, parts and labor: The main bread and butter benefit is not being required to pay extra for any service fees, as there is no deductible for this service, and all functioning parts and labor are covered.
  2. Power surge coverage: in the first year, the manufacturer the does not cover failure due to power surging. With this coverage, even electronic boards that fail for this reason will be covered by the service for the duration of the plan purchased.
  3. Food loss allowance for refrigeration and freezers: Up to $250 per calendar year is covered through this service for the duration of the plan, even during the first year of manufacturer’s warranty. (hang on to your receipts!)
  4. No lemon benefit: 2 completed repairs OUTSIDE of the first year of manufacturer warranty; third failure for same problem qualifies the item for replacement.
  5. Transferable: The coverage moves with you or can be transferred to a new owner.

These Services Do NOT Include:There are many things the service plans do not include, and too many to list to cover them all. Our coverage mimics manufacturer’s warranty, so what is not included by the manufacturer, is also not included in this service, except for the additional benefits listed earlier.

Here are a few examples of some common things that are not covered by these service plans that do need to be stated however:

  1. Exchanging of an appliance due to failure: If a repair is needed, this does not mean an exchange will take place, it simply means an appliance will be fixed, unless the item has qualified for the “no lemon benefit” as stated earlier.
  2. Routine Check Ups: There is no inclusion of a weekly/monthly/annual check in of an appliance, for a warranty service trip to be covered by the plan, there MUST be a failure occurring that is evident, for the service to be valid.
  3. Operational Assistance Visits: As the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover visits for operational questions, we also cannot cover visits to explain how an appliance operates through our extended warranty service, as our service tech’s time is very valuable. We will do our best in-store to explain basic operation, and upon installation our staff will explain how to run an appliance, but we ask that most operational questions be deferred to the owner’s manual.